Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas Swapping!

So this Christmas to make it a bit more interesting I took part in two Christmas gift swapping events!

If you've never heard of them before where have you been! It is what it says on the tin really ... the idea is you put together a collection of gifts then simply send it off to your swapper and someone will do the same for you!

This is the first year I've taken part and I would recommend you sign up to a swap next Christmas! I opened both of my presents on Christmas day!

The first one I entered was Fabric Godmothers Christmas Swap! My swap partner for this one was Sue and she put together a lovely selection of items for me! My favourite pieces are the fab handmade vintage fabric covered mirror and badges and especially the beautiful Christmas decoration! It went straight on the tree soon after this picture was taken! The chocolates and hot chocolate didn't last long I can tell you!


My other swap was part of the Curiosity Projects Christmas Box Swap! Now this collection of goodies was put together by a 'curious friend' who wrote a lovely card explaining why they decided to put each item into the Christmassy box they sent it in which was a lovely personal touch! My box included some delicious fudge (my swapper was from Edinburgh so it was authentic Scottish fudge!), a cute hot water bottle, pretty bird decoration, a lovely snood and my fave - a 'Bitchin' Kitchen' cross-stitch picture handmade by my swapper!

I hope the recipients of my boxes were as happy with theirs as I was with mine!


  1. Wow lovely swaps there! The Bitchin' kitchen is very cute!

    1. It now has pride of place in my kitchen!

      Thanks to you too for setting your swap up! I loved putting my gifts together! x