Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Work, Home, Work

This week at Random Button we have been glued to the computer and dedicated out precious crafting time to paper work , paper work and yet more paper work! We’ve been writing press releases, chasing up orders and the printer has been working in overdrive printing out our newly designed trade catalogues (we’re giving him a rest today to get his breath back!)
If you work from home you’ll know how difficult it is to keep focused and dedicated to the task in hand rather than getting distracted by day to day life (this morning’s washing up, laundry, twitter etc. the list really is endless!) But wouldn’t working from home be so much easier if your office space/craft room looked like one of these room ideas from ‘House toHome’
House to Home

House to Home

We’ve found these other great home office ideas from UK sellers on Etsy…

This would make an ideal desk to work on from 'Henley and Co'

These sticky note pads from 'Vivid' would be great for those scribbled notes!

Or even this distressed chalk board from 'Utopia Home and Garden'

How about this stitched desk clock from 'LAMDesigns'

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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Knit up your nest

So as thoughts well and truly turn to the year ahead many of you will be thinking it’s time for a bit of a change! We all have ‘spring clean’ sitting on the top of our 2012 ‘to do’ lists along with plenty of other diy jobs that have all been mounting up for the last few weeks! Hopefully we’re going to give you some inspiration to kick start that artistic interior talent! So rip down that old wallpaper, bag up the bit’s for the charity shop and get busy!

We all love a bit of craft and this year it’s going to be as big (if not bigger) as it has ever been before – granny chic is in and handmade is where it’s at!

Here at Random Button we love a bit of knit and that doesn’t have to stop at knitted jumpers and a hat and scarf combo (As much as we love them too!) And whether you knit or not, in our opinion, a house isn’t a home without a knitted cushion/blanket or two …or three …or four (What!? It’s cold outside!)

So here’s a few of our favourite pieces to knit up your nest…
This wallpaper is amazing and if I had my way (and the budget to go with it!) it would be plastered all over the house! Even though it’s an American site we thought it was too good not to share!

As much as we want to stay away from the high street and shop with independent shops and designers we have to give some knitting credit to Laura Ashley. We can certainly see ourselves snuggling under this gem!

You can’t think of knitted interiors without thinking about Melanie Porter – her amazing ability to turn knitting into great pieces of furniture is a true gift and I want every piece on her website! Melanie takes pre – loved pieces of furniture and turns them into something beautiful. She does it all herself and certainly makes it into our list of favourites! Here’s just a few of her pieces…

We couldn’t leave without plugging our own knitted interior pieces now could we! Our new collection features an array of knitted cushions to brighten up any room – perfect for the sofa or the bed, our cushions have been lovingly made using a variety of knitted techniques and processes to create unique home pieces.

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Monday, 2 January 2012

The best is yet to come!

New blog is being updated ... Check back soon for news, gossip and all things crafty!