Friday, 30 November 2012

The Christmas prep has started...

Christmas seems like it's been going for months already! But then considering I started working on festive themed ideas back in September it's probably fair to say that it actually HAS been going on for months already! I've tried not to get to into it just yet! I knew that come Christmas day I'll be sick of the festive cheer so I've reigned it in ... until tomorrow that is! For me the 1st December is when it's acceptable to listen to the xmas tunes, feast on mince pies for breakfast and watch really naff Christmas movies when I should really be working! Not to mention all the present wrapping which has to be one of my favourite jobs! (Even though I start off trying to wrap really neatly but then halfway through the pile to be wrapped you start to be a bit slap dash and give up all hope of trying to make the presents look pretty ... and don't get me started on those really awkwardly shaped presents that end up looking like a mess of paper and cellotape!)

This year I've had a go at making Christmas cake and Christmas pudding as well! (Is that a sign of getting old?!) They're all made up and I'm feeding them with alcohol, whenever I remember, they look pretty edible so we should get away without being poisoned on Christmas day!

I was photographing some of the Christmas baubles that are for sale on the website during the week so I had to put the Christmas tree up! I resisted in putting the whole tree up though and only did a section! I think the crop feature on the computer is my new best friend! If only could of seen what it really looked like out of the finished images!



How are your Christmas preparations going?


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