Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A little side project!

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People would think that doing a creative job would mean that you probably lived in a handmade filled house when in reality you're so busy making things for other people you neglect your own home, so here is something I've been working on for myself!

There's a multitude of free knitting and crochet patterns online just waiting to be made up by creative hands so I thought I would try and inspire some of you to get making by showing you one of the cushions I've whipped up for my own sofa basing my design on a pattern I found online!

The Slip Stitch Cushion pattern comes from the Blacker Yarns website (An a amazing website selling wonderful yarns, patterns,  kits and much more! www.blackeryarns.co.uk)

I chose a simple pattern that didn't require too much concentration (perfect for knitting in front of the T.V!) but something that was still a bit special! I adapted the design (by choice and by getting a little bit carried away!) by including a rib with button holes for the closing and doing the stripes every four rows so I always changed yarn at the same side - enabling me to twist the yarns at the end of the row to avoid sewing a hole heap of ends in! (Even though the yarn twisting caused a few tangles!)

Here's a quick snap of the work in progress...

And the finished product...



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