Saturday, 20 October 2012

Procrastination and Pinterest...

I haven't blogged for a while so I thought I might pop in and write a quick blog post ... otherwise known as a tactic to put off tackling the ever growing 'to do' list! (It's amazing the things you can think of to do to avoid doing something else!)

Joining Pinterest was another of those avoidence moments! Gosh it's so easy to while away the hours on there! Luckily I was given a handy tip to keep me on track ... I get an egg timer and set it to 15 minutes (the timer on a phone works just as well but for novelty value the egg timer is much better!) once that alarm goes that's it I log out, with some restraint, and save more browsing through lovely photo's for another day!

Apparently Pinterest is the new tool for advertising your crafts/business so I thought in the interests of Random Button it was worth checking out even though these days there seems to be something new every month that's set to be the next big interent hit! (That makes me sound really old!)

If you like vintagey, crafty, buttony, romanticy pretty images and products then feel free to follow me here -

Here's what my Pinterest page is looking like so far...

The Random Button Pinterest page - Romantic Vintage - For the love of Shabby Chic
In other news I've decided to close my Not Mass Produced shop. I just can't maintain it as much as I would want to and have to admit that it gets a little neglected! It will close on Thursday 1st November and until then everything has been put into the sale! There is only one of everything so grab it all now at a discounted price before it all goes!

Click this link to be taken to the site -

Here's one of the pieces available and in the sale...

Lavender Love Heart by Random Button


  1. Hi there, I'm your swap partner in the fabric godmothers Christmas swap, I love your work, speak soon,
    Sue Xxx

  2. Hi Sue! I've just been reading your blog! I have some good ideas for your swap now!

    Laura x