Friday, 13 July 2012

Buy British Handmade

So the Random Button blog took a little holiday last week (in reality it was sadly neglected!) but it's back again now! Over the last few weeks I've got pretty behind with keeping various online shops up to date so I've been busy behind the scenes trying to build up existing stock and making up some new pieces!

Now that everywhere has been stocked up to a reasonable level I can go back to the hard task of bombarding you all with endless promotions, product listings and 'the hard sell' which starts here with a rallying call to BUY BRITISH HANDMADE!

These day's it's so easy, when you're looking for a present or even just something to add to your home, to walk down any high street in Britain and amble into the same shops, and let's face it most high streets look pretty much the same all selling mass produced items. As nice as these things may be and let's be honest who isn't in favour of a bargain or two from the high street, have you ever thought about where they have been made and even how many other people have gone into the same shop chain and bought exactly the same item? I'm not going to pretend to know where big stores get there stock from and this isn't a lecture as to the conditions or impact this has on the economy good or bad in this and in other countries as I'm sure it does but in these times isn't it best to buy British made wherever we can?

Life today is all about being individual - we all know what we like and what we don't like so be brave, take a chance and buy something from a small independent retailer in Britain and direct from the maker themselves! The use of the Internet and online shopping is an amazing tool for us to use to connect with people and find things that aren't available anywhere else! So why don't we all use it more often!

I know there is the thought in the back of your mind about the quality of items when you read that they are handmade or handcrafted - but believe me somebody has put their time, effort and love of the craft to make these pieces and if I know anything about designer makers I know that nothing goes out unless they are 100% satisfied with the finished item. If we are quite happy to buy something online from a chain store that we haven't seen up close how do we know the quality of that is better than something handmade?

Yes it's true sometimes handmade items can be a little more expensive than high street products but what would you rather - give your hard earned money to the bosses of a faceless big brand company or to Zoe in Bucks that spends her time lovingly making something specifically for you that's been personalised to your taste?! Plus in the handcrafted world you would be surprised what you can actually get for your money these days anyway!

If you are unsure about where to start in your buying handmade quest there are many website out there showcasing the design talent we have in this country! Sites like Boutique To You, Not Mass Produced and Wow Thank You are great places to start! Take a few minutes out of your day or put aside some time this weekend, because lets face it with this summer we're having we won't exactly be hitting the beach will we, and just have a look at what there is on offer!

Could you see any of these pieces in your home or even as a gift for an upcoming birthday?

Personalised Teapot - Boutique To You

Handbag - Wow Thank You

Home Cushion - Not Mass Produced
Rant over!
Have a good week everyone!

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